The Tarot Cards: The Star

This is one of the most beautiful cards in all the deck. After having broken the rigid structures and go through the anxiety period that represented the Tower, now we find peace and harmony. The 17 is the number of this Arcane and with it, there comes a perception of being the protected one. It offers confidence in the own instincts and a lot of faith and hope. The majority of the times, this card also offers good luck: when it represents the one who is asking, this can ask and receive, as it is very possible that all the doors open for him. It is a good moment to start activities that connect mind, body and spirit, as for example yoga or tai-chi.


Love: Excellent moment. Even that the people asking do not have a partner, he will find it soon and, if he is in a relationship, moments of communication and harmony are coming. He can give himself completely without resigning to individuality and grow together with the person he loves.

Money and Work: It is also an excellent moment to ask for a better position or for a better salary at work. The secret is in having inner security. When the person is self-affirmed, the questions will come out of his mouth with the just words. We cannot expect instantaneously results, but waiting to receive in a period that it is not going to be long.

Personal relations: The person asking will be in new friend circles and will meet new people who, in time, will help him in his new projects, especially if it is concerning art projects. With his former friends, he will find new interests in common and he will achieve a better and more fluid communication with them.

If the card comes out inverted, it does not mean a negative period. On the contrary, the person who is asking for the reading has all the possibilities to come out with success even that he is not aware of his own capacities. He feels unprotected and lacking faith and people have to insist him that his personal power is strong and that he needs to learn how to use it.