Read the Tarot by Using only Three Cards

If you want to make a reading of the Tarot cards and if you want to learn to do so by using only three cards, it is necessary for you to take into account some basic steps that you need to take to be able to do so.


Get to know the basic steps and learn to free Online Tarot Reading in this simple way.

Read the Tarot with Three Cards

You need to have it clear that with the Tarot you can have several different answers that are related to questions that are very relevant to life. Love, money and health, as well as the spiritual quietness are some of the questions in which Tarot can help you.

So, now and so you can make an effective reading making use of one of the most popular readings, here you have the indications that you need to be able to make this reading using only three cards.

To start with it, you need to be relaxed and in a quiet place. Letting your mind free is something necessary as in this way, your intuition will awake.

Now, you have to start by mixing your cards and cut the deck. Choose three cards in place on of them next to the other. Once you have done this, you need to bear in mind that each of these cards will help you to determine a time. The first one is going to be the past; the second one is going to stand for the present time; and, the third one is going to be for the future time.

It is necessary that when you start this process you have clear the question that you want to ask the Tarot.

Concerning the first card, this card talks about the past and it will tell you about events; it can also tell you about a family member that influenced your life and who brought you to where you are now.

The second card is the one of the present and it talks about your actual feelings.

Finally, the last card talks about the future possibilities to have results.

Interpret each of the cards and get to know the answer of the Tarot to your doubts.