Amulets For Virgo

To be able to understand better which the best amulets are for Virgo, the first thing you need to know is its planet and the element that influence it as well as any of the features of the Virgo horoscope. In this case, the planet of Virgo is Mercury and the element that influences it is the Earth.


Knowing this, you will be able to understand better what the amulets of Virgo are.

Amulets for Virgo

As we have said before, to start talking about the amulets for Virgo, we need to have clear the elements that influence the sign. To start with it, we are going to talk about the stones and metals that are perfect for Virgo according to Mercury.

–          Gems for the amulets of Virgo: These stones are the beryl, the emerald, the peridot, the tourmaline, the topaz, the olivine and the green agate, due to its relationship with the element of Virgo, the Earth.

–         The metals for Virgo: These are the mercury and the lead.

However, there are other amulets that will also help and  protect Virgo and these are the ones related to its element, the Earth. If before we talked about the gems and the metals due to Mercury, not it is time to talk about the elements that we can use according to its element.

–          Vegetable elements for the amulets for Virgo: If we want to make an amulet of Virgo and we want it to be natural, we need to do it using elements of the following plants and trees and we are going to use, mainly, its seeds and cortex. The natural elements that we can use are the birch, the juniper, the lavender, the olive tree, the valerian plant, the daisy, the dill, mint leaves, the acacia, sorrel and the elderflower.