Personality Of Aquarius

To understand better the personality of Aquarius, it is necessary that you first know well the dates between which this sign has its power. These dates are from 21st January to 19th February.


Now that the dates are clear, it is time to know its personality.

Nature of Aquarius

To start, you need to know that Aquarius stands out for being a very intelligent sign and also for being extremely independent. People of this sign love to be able to do everything by themselves and they love helping people too.

These features make these people very hard-working in live and people who do make a lot of effort and who do not fear to face other if they think it is the right thing to do.

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Take Advantage Of The Free Tarot Readings

To have a Tarot reading, usually we need to look for a local Tarot reader and go to his or her place. This has some expenses associated and not only transports expenses, but also the payment of the reading. Now and if it is true that this reading is not usually very expensive, you need to know that on the Internet you can find the alternative of the Tarot reading for free.


This is, without any doubt, an excellent option with which you will be able to have a reading of the cards.

And, where can you find this option to be able to make use of it? Well, for this we have a recommended site.

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Kisses according the Zodiac Sign: Aries, Taurus And Gemini

Astrology can offer us a lot of information about the personality of people but, when we talk about the signs of the Zodiac and their personality, it is not compulsory, it allows us to be able to know a bit more about the way in which people act.


Now, one of the actions that we can know about the signs is how each of them kisses. To start with it, we will talk of the first three horoscopes in the Zodiac, which are Aries, Taurus and Gemini.

Kisses of the Zodiac

Each person kisses in a different way and it is because of this that the kisses according to the Zodiac are small indices that reveal us how someone can kiss:

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Mixed Auras

Usually, it is know that the aura is a field of energy but there is not a lot of information about the mixed auras. If you have heard about them and you want to know what they are, here I will explain you about them.

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What are the mixed auras?

These auras are not very common and it is because of this that there are not a lot of people who talk about them. In any case, you need to understand that when we talk about an aura, we refer to an energy field which is the representation of the different feelings that a person has. Now, the aura is represented in different colors and when the colors of this aura mix, we talk about mixed auras.

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Reasons To Read The Weekly Horoscope

A lot of times, when we look for the predictions of the horoscope, we find an option known as weekly horoscope. If you have had the opportunity to use it, you will have realized that it is a very advantageous option for all those people who want to know the predictions of the stars.


But, if you have never had contact with these kinds of horoscopes and you are asking why you should read them, here we will talk about the different reasons to do so.

Reading the Weekly Horoscope

When we look for our horoscope, generally what we do is to look for the daily option. Well, even when it is the most popular one, you need to have it clear that there are many other options that you can choose and, one of them, maybe one of the most recommended, is the weekly horoscope.

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Cards of The Tarot: The Death

The first reaction that we all have when we get close to the Tarot is to associate the arcana number 13 to the physical death. This is not this way. What this card brings are very deep transformations. 


When it appears in a reading, we often talk about a very rare process: get to the inner part of one self, to the most extreme depression, for then being able to distinguish a small light and start a new phase with all the energy renewed. In a symbolic plane, it can be said, that this arcana is associated with the tree levels of the occultism world: inferno, terrene world and celestial.

The first of them is directed down; the seconds, extends in all the directions in a horizontal line and the third of them directs up, to the infinite space.

Further than the symbolism we have just explained, this figure belongs to the spiritual plane and it is related with truth, the ultimate truth and undeniable and it is also a symbol of the desolation and the destruction after which life is reborn.

According to its position, this arcana can be predicting bad luck, a complete need for a change, look for new experiences (all this if it is presented in the normal position) or impossibility to come out from a negative mood, problems with health or with the partner or family (if it appears in the inverted position).

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The Meaning Of The Arcana Of The Tarot: The Major Arcana

Inside the cards of the Tarot, we find a very well-known group known as the Major Arcana. These are 22 cards and, if you want to make a reading with them, you need to know the meaning of them.


So you can know a bit more about the meaning of each of these cards, here we have prepared a list with brief interpretations of each one of them.

Meaning Of The Major Arcana

The Magician: It talks about power and being reborn.

The Priestess: It talks about the deep secrets and feelings.

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Advantages Of The Weekly Horoscope

Reading the horoscope every day is a task that a lot of people perform every day, but actually, we not all are able to find the necessary time for it. In these cases, one of the best ways in which you can know the predictions of the stars is using the weekly horoscope. This option is very attractive thanks to the advantages that it has and that I am going to mention here.


Why Should We Read The Weekly Horoscope?

Actually, there are several advantages that can have to read this kind of horoscope. Inside them, the most important ones are:

The first one is that we can find in a unique text the predictions of the stars. These predictions are usually very complete and they talk about the different issues of our lives, like the relation with the family, love and the relations with our partner, the work relations, our luck and health amongst many others.

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